Topic discuss: 11 contradictions when teaching children

Parents expect their children to be better, but sometimes inadvertently hurt them with excessive love and protection.

They may make inconsistent decisions, ignore children's opinions or break rules set by themselves. Such actions confuse children, not knowing what to do properly.

You can't lie, but your parents can

Parents teach their children to always tell the truth and accept the consequences of doing this behavior. But sometimes, they lie blatantly, hide the truth or cover up some information. That might look quite hypocritical in the eyes of a child.

I have to sleep alone, but my parents don't

Parents believe that cohabitation makes children less independent. So they do not lie next to me until the child falls asleep. But why do parents share a room together when children are separated?

Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne (of Psychology and Brain Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA) said that helping children fall asleep will create strong emotional bonds and improve children's mental health.

You have to eat what your parents have specified

Healthy eating is important, but everyone has their own hobbies. Sometimes we don't want to eat a certain food, so do children. Adults can substitute any dish they like, whether it's a unscientific meal or even skip meals if they're not hungry.

However, children are often deprived of this right and always follow the rules of their parents.

You must not stare at the phone, but parents have the right

On average, a person spends more than 3 hours a day accessing the internet on mobile, not to mention working time on laptops, tablets and watching TV. Meanwhile, they limit the amount of time children spend on electronics.

It seems quite hypocritical to tell me that you just want to be entertained and surf social networks all day. Ideally, want to set limits for children, parents should also review themselves.

Choose clothes that are not suitable for children

Parents can overprotect their children when wearing unsuitable weather clothing. They do not care about how the child actually feels and often make emotional statements by themselves.

I have to share, but my parents don't

Parents often teach children to share toys, compromise or demand that children follow some situations that are upsetting them. Meanwhile, they are highly possessive, stubborn and do not want to sacrifice their own comfort.

Children are separate individuals with different needs and perspectives. Therefore, it is necessary to set a healthy boundary and listen to children.

You must immediately follow your parents' instructions

Parents expect their children to follow their "orders" immediately, regardless of what the child is doing. Ignoring your child's opinion may cause them to think that their views and needs are not important.

So, it's not that we don't discipline our children, but give them the time necessary to do what you expect.

You must care about your parents' feelings, but you don't need them

Children have difficulty recognizing and managing their emotions. Therefore, parents need to help children navigate. However, ignoring your child's emotions or punishment will not yield the expected results.

You always have to try better

Parents always want their children to succeed in life and motivate them to study and challenge new things. When a child is depressed or unmotivated, parents will explain why they need this knowledge. However, they often "say no to work," not to set an example for their children.

Children should not be afraid to express themselves in public, but parents are afraid of public opinion

Adults often see their children as their best versions and encourage them to do things that even scare them. Although it is essential to encourage children to live true to themselves, sometimes parents expect too much of their children.

While they did not explain to me how the world works and what they can expect in a similar situation.

You shouldn't be worried, but your parents will be

Parents want their children to be happy, not to worry about anything - especially when it can't be changed. But children need to share their problems in order not to suppress their emotions or not feel like their problems are not worth talking about.

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