9 old child care concepts, parents think good but doctor shakes his head

Most generations will take care of their grandchildren according to old habits even though they may be outdated. However, it is time for parents to update new and more accurate knowledge so that the raising of children will be most effective.

Most generations will take care of their grandchildren according to old views and habits without updating new and modern knowledge. They are based on personal experience or word of mouth, and even though it is outdated, it still applies.

However, it is time for parents to update new and more accurate knowledge so that the raising of children will be most effective.

Here are the views that are no longer suitable for your doctor to recommend, you should look back:

1. Do not wear diapers

In the past, many people thought that swaddling would keep the newborn's legs straight and they would not bow around in the future. But pediatricians claim that diaper wrap doesn't have that "magical effect" at all, and it even affects hip bones.

Mothers can swaddle their babies when they have a stomach ache to calm them down or when babies are startled. If your baby can sleep well without a problem, there's no need to swaddle your baby.

The diaper does not work to make the baby's legs straight, so if the baby can sleep well, not startled, the mother does not need to swaddle.

2. Your baby's room must be as warm as possible

This is really a misconception. The room with too high temperature is absolutely not good for health. Doctors recommend that the room temperature of your baby from 26 to 28 degrees C. Science shows that this temperature helps your baby comfortable, sleep better.

In addition, the room with such temperature will be cool and make your baby easy to breathe, not dry nose.

Leaving room temperature too hot can make children uncomfortable, sweat, and have a bad night's sleep.

3. To comfort your baby, parents should dip dummy pacifiers into sweets

For generations, grandchildren pass on each other's experience to comfort crying babies, soak a bit of honey with a bit of honey or peanut butter to stop crying. But doctors object to this method.

Your baby is too young for you to know what your child will be allergic to, the arbitrary way to suck on sweets like that can affect your baby. In addition, if your baby has begun to have teeth erupting, such sweet sugars can cause cavities. Many babies have been poisoned by honey.

Not only that, when giving your baby a pacifier, you should consult your doctor.

Do not arbitrarily suck on sweets as this can be harmful for children.

4. Always have blankets, pillows on your baby's bed

In the past, many mothers tried to make a copy of their bed at their baby's place. They always put a blanket and a small pillow for me. But doctors remind that we should not put any pillows, stuffed animals or blankets around a child's sleeping area because it can cause a child to suffocate.

If the room temperature is cool, afraid your baby will be cold, you should wear warm enough baby pajamas instead of blankets because of the sleeping process, she can unconsciously pull the blanket over her face.

The bed of the child must not contain objects around, create an open space, avoid baby suffocation.

5. Making babies sleep on their stomach will make it easier

At first, this experience sounds quite logical: Parents put babies on their stomachs to sleep, which will prevent them from choking after eating. But doctors have found that this sleeping position is dangerous for children because:

- The prone position can cause airway obstruction.
- If your baby sleeps on his stomach, a lot of pressure will be put on his stomach and diaphragm.
- This posture causes children to suffer from hot, uncomfortable sleep.

That is why experts recommend that parents should let children sleep in the supine position and turn their head to the side.

The supine position, head slightly tilted to one side is most ideal for children to sleep.

6. Babies should be able to sleep in complete silence

It's hard to create a completely quiet space all day, the adults in the house have a lot of work to do and it of course makes a noise. In fact, noise is what helps babies sleep. Just make sure there is no sudden loud sound, the rest of everyday life makes children sleep better.

Babies can sleep when their moms talk on the phone, the bathroom flushes, moms wash dishes ... This way you can just do everything and your child still sleeps well instead of having to work quietly in the house.

Children should be forged sleep in sound conditions, not necessarily to be absolutely silent.

7. Feed children at set times

In the past, many people had advised to follow a certain feeding schedule for the day. But in fact, this method exhaustes both mother and baby. Pediatricians think that it's great if you breastfeed on demand and don't need to follow a feeding schedule. This feeding method is good for both mother and baby because when they are hungry they will ask for it by themselves.

Feed your child on demand instead of at set times.

8. Feed as soon as possible

Parents often hear that when a baby is about 3 months old, they can feed some light snacks such as mashed egg yolk ... or starch, cereal when the child is 4 months old. The reason for this is that the sooner the child eats the better. But doctors think this is not good advice. According to the World Health Organization, supplementary foods for infants should be supplemented by 6 months of age.

Children should be fed solids when they are 6 months of age or older so as not to affect the child's intestinal tract.

9. Animal milk is better than formula milk

Some people think that baby formula is less nutritious and prefers animal milk. But doctors claim this is a dangerous way for children. Remember, formula is perfectly balanced for babies, even for breastfed babies. Meanwhile, fresh animal milk is dangerous because:

- It contains many minerals that your baby's kidney can't handle.
- No necessary iron, can cause iron deficiency anemia. In addition, it does not have the necessary vitamin C content.
- Protein in fresh animal milk may irritate the intestinal mucosa.
- Some babies are allergic to animal milk.
- Unbalanced milk composition, it can cause children to gain weight, obesity.

That is why only animal milk for children when they are over 1 year old.

Full nutritious formula for children.

Sometimes grandparents make mistakes because of old experiences but of course they also have useful information that you can refer to and seek advice. In the process of raising children, parents please be patient, try to explain to grandparents when disagreeing. You can also take your grandparents to see the pediatrician along for advice. Remember, everything we do is for the sake of the baby to be happy and healthy.

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